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"Stop drawing Dean and Cas so feminine and gay! Gay people can’t be manly!"

is this manly enough for you

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this is it the   A P O C A L Y P S E 
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Everyone ready for August 1?


No worries, its


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How do demons leave sulfur behind? Like do they sweat it or something?

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9x02 // 9x23

For a show that some claim is not about love, it certainly has been a common thread spun all throughout the season, and in fact…the entire series. But now we’re not simply talking about familial love, we’re also talking about another kind of love. One that you fall headlong in to. One that a villain, who thinks he’s the hero, will use against you. He’ll twirl his blade dripping with your beloved’s blood in front of you and declare that he’s won. He will use that love in an attempt to destroy you. Because you were never doing it for heaven or for humanity. You were doing it for one man all along…

Also, it’s important to note that after Metatron tells his fellow angel that he’s writing a story about love, heartbreak, and…love, the angel asks him if it’s like The Notebook. The Notebook is a story that revolves around two seemingly starcrossed lovers, who are torn apart by life and circumstance, only to reunite down the line, spending the rest of their lives together.

Since you mentioned The NoteBook I just had to add these two gifs. 

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Misha Collins and Aisha Tyler attend TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites during Comic-Con International 2014. [x]
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Fuck up your sleeping schedule with me so i know it’s real. 

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dean winchester + season 1

[requested by grace]

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Demon!Dean // 10x03 [x]

Can I just go ahead and talk about how fucking spectacular Jensen’s fucking acting is here? He does Demon! Dean so perfectly! Exactly how I imagined! He still has that sense of “Dean”, witty, sarcastic, and even charming. But you can tell he has an almost empty, cold, uncaring feel in his eyes and body language. Look at the way Dean walks as a demon. That stride just exudes pure “I don’t give a single fuck.”

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misha being a fucking dork in his nice clothes + that one time he looked really good.

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